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What to Expect

SoTiMa opens into a tranquil, one on one environment. The waiting room offers comfort, meditative ambiance and complimentary wellness-centric refreshments. The practice room has a high-end comfort table, ambient lighting, music, and option of heated or non-heated table. Unlike Spas or larger facilities, there aren't people coming and going outside so there is less distracting noise, making it easier to immerse yourself in your relaxation. 

Why Massage

There is a common misconception about massage therapy; it is only a luxury meant for pampering.

Getting a massage can feel luxurious and feel like you are being pampered but in reality massage therapy offers a plethora of medical benefits both physical and emotional. Physically is can increase circulation, digestion, and healing. It can decrease muscle tightness, pain, headaches, and immobility. Emotionally it can relieve stress, aid in emotional release, and stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system which is your "rest and digest," state of being. The physical and emotional benefits are ying and yang; if you are stressed mentally it affects you physically and visa versa, so alleviating one helps alleviate the other.

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